How to write a compare and contrast essay

How to write a compare and contrast essay

The essay is going to tackle the basic rules that should be followed in order to write a good compare and contrast essay. As stated on custom-essay, the main objectives of this type of paper are to find out the similarities and differences between two ideas, notions, or items. The writer is expected to go beyond what appears ordinary from the first glance in order to delve into the hidden and the underlying characteristics of the subject matter. By going through such a process, the academic writer enters into a critical journey so as to explore the connections, linkages, and divergence between two or more concepts.

The first step of the writing process deals with the organization of the multiple and random ideas coming across the writer’s mind. Depending on the content of the assignment, the writer may find themselves so confused by the wide variety of similarities and differences associated with the subject matter. The writer of an essay should find an adequate plan in order to orchestrate them beforehand. One can suggest that there is an effective structural tool for this type of paper which is the Venn diagram. It helps any writer to successfully organize the differences and similarities within definite frames and categories. Thus, the main aim of this step is to narrow the focus to specific similarities and differences that can clearly foreground the points that the writer wants to show.

As far as the introduction is concerned, the writer, in this space, is expected to introduce the topic and include a good thesis statement that announces the structure of the topic. As an example of a solid thesis statement, one might consider the following:

There are significant differences between studying in a private school and studying in a public university, and these may consist of the quality of the educational system, the costs and fees, as well as the access to learning network.

This thesis statement introduces items and concepts that are specific, as it presents appropriate arguments and insights to be expanded upon in the analytical process. Concerning the body paragraphs, it is highly recommended that the writer follows a clear way to organize the pieces of information. For example, the focus of the first paragraph could be the aspects linked to the first item, the second one may explore aspects related to the second idea, and finally the last paragraph may encompass aspects associated with the last element of the thesis statement.

The concluding paragraph should restate the thesis statement differently and reveal the main findings obtained from the explanatory body paragraphs drawing on similarities and differences. A compare and contrast essay is highly creative and critical, which requires special attention on the part of its writer.

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