Matthew Bryce – StreetSense

After living in Oslo as a foreigner for a few years Matthew started to notice he had an outside perspective on small details occurring around him that he had never noticed back in England. I guess it’s the same feeling people get when travelling to any country abroad. Except after understanding the culture and living in Oslo for some time he understood the reasons as to why certain observations became apparent.

He was inspired to seek out more and to explore the city to a greater degree. Roaming around with his camera at different times of the week, during various seasons of the year. He could expand the variables and chances of seeing society live and breath within the city from as many angles as possible.

Utilizing black and white as a medium for presenting the pictures wasn’t a choice for him; he considered it to be a necessity. It allowed him to strip away any types of visual distraction and allowed him to fully reflect and comprehend the moment he wished to capture in a more visceral manner. He approached this project as a form of exploration both within himself and within a city he now calls home.

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By: Pål Laukli