Last One Out, Please Turn Light On

If you have ever spent more than just a minute or two in a darkroom, Richard Nicholson´s survey of London’s last remaining professional darkrooms should be quite enjoyable…


Roy Snell

roy_bass 001

Roy Bass, Michael Dyer Associates

primary 002

Mark Foxwell, primary

gordon_bishop 002

Gordon Bishop associates #1

kevin_markwick 001

Kevin Markwick, bayeux

pascha 001

Pavel Koutasevich

brian_dowling 001

Brian Dowling, bdi

robin_bell 001

Robin Bell

lee_williams2 001

Lee Williams, rapid eye

bob_and_terry 001

Rob Wiskin & Terry Davies

chris_cooke 001

Chris Cook, goldenshot

klaus_kalde 001

Klaus Kalde

bishop_two2 001

Gordon Bishop

sharon_easterling 001

Sharon Easterling, downtown darkroom

mike_crawford_first 001

Mike Crawford

mike_spry 001

Mike Spry, downtown darkroom

debbie_sears2 001
Debbie Sears, metro clerkenwell
darren3 001

Daren Catlin, bayeux

pete_guest 002

Peter Guest

adrian_ensor2 001

Adrian Ensor

nick-jones 001

Tom Smedley, metro soho

By: Ghost