Things Built For a Wall

This past weekend I spent far too much time admiring the sculptures of Ted Larsen.

Ted Larsen is infatuated with scrap metal, pieces that are combined and shaped to produce a larger form. Invoking ingots, Larsen re-imagines discarded metal as a material that can be a fragment, a malleable, shapeable thing, like clay or fabric — materials that can be worked on in pieces, used and re-used, gathered and stitched or pressed together. Metal, in his terms, can be a readymade, reconfigured as wished. If you look closely at Larsen’s works, you will see that their surfaces are patchworks of metal elements, scraps pieced together, not randomly, but in a systematic pattern and according to a particular geometry.


Red Licorice


Accurate Estimate


Rolling Stop


Final Version

By: Ghost