Shadowlurking part VI

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Rush / Ford Models by photographer Trine Hisdal

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Eskil Rønningsbakken shot by Knut Bry.

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From Jørgen Gomnæs´ solo exhibition in Norway´s National Theatre.

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Knut Bry featured in Anti´s newest release: A New Type of Imprint.

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Photographer Jimmy Linus shooting at the Okura Hotel, Japan.

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Actor and comedian Odd-Magnus Williamson portrayed by Sebastian Ludvigsen.

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Sigve Aspelund turned fourty this fall!

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“Some Women” by Marcel Leliënhof.

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Good, old Dias found at Lisa Westgaard´s studio.

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Lilly Marie by Trine Hisdal.

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Christmas campaign for jeweler David-Andersen shot by Jørgen Gomnæs.

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NY Street Photography by Sigve Aspelund.

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Thomas “HappyTom” Seltzer by Sebastian Ludvigsen.

Skjermbilde 2014-12-08 kl. 14.06.02

Karin Park´s latest cover, shot by Pål Laukli.

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Jimmy Linus interviewed by FOTOGRAFI.

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The cover of D2, shot by Jørgen Gomnæs.

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Catalogue from the exhibition “Horisonter” at DogA, featuring photographer Knut Bry.

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Suitcase by Lisa Westgaard for OSL (Oslo Airport Gardermoen).

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Author Jon Michelet shot by Trine Hisdal.

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Carnival Kids by Jørgen Gomnæs.

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If the shoe fits…

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Gardar Eide Einarsson by Jimmy Linus for D2 Magazine.

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Fire Hose by Sigve Aspelund.

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Have a great weekend!

By: Tinagent