Pastoe: 100 Years of Design Innovation

Simplicity, timelessness, quality and craftsmanship have all been at the centre of the dutch furniture design company Pastoe’s philosophy for more than hundred years now. Since the company were founded in 1913, the designers have been making progressive contemporary furniture that pays due attention to tradition and craftsmanship. For it´s 100th anniversary last year, Pastoe published “The Great Book of Pastoe”, celebrating the company´s 100 years as design innovators – and with a little help from Kunsthal Rotterdam and Mondriaan Fonds, Pastoe even held an exhibition curated by Anne van der Zwaag. Visual artist Krijn de Koning did, under the theme Archives, put together a selection from the Pastoe collection, including furniture, drawings, publications, photographs, posters and advertisements. Under the Environments theme, Pastoe projected its vision of architectural space. Together with Krijn de Koning, architect Anne Holtrop designed three ‘pavilions’ of individual spaces – different in shape, colour, material and light – in which furniture from Pastoe from different periods were presented together. The Innovation theme has been translated into new objects and ideas by designers Konstantin Grcic and Naoto Fukasawa, architect Claudio Silvestrin and the photography duo of Scheltens & Abbenes.

Check out Pastoe´s website for more history and news on the designers.

–Oh, and if you press this link, you even get to see the exhibition in 3D. Enjoy!


By: Ghost