Hannah Whitaker: The Fifth Hammer

Hannah Whitaker’s first solo exhibition in Paris, “The Fifth Hammer”, is on view  a selection of new photographic works ranging from landscapes shot in Louisiana and Costa Rica, staged portraits, and still lives of mundane objects. Whitaker’s photographs start with organizing principles ranging from visual patterning, to repetitive motions, to number systems, to the structures of John Cage’s musical compositions. In each photograph, Whitaker presents an overt rationale re- presented visually by a grid, a pattern, or repetition across several photographs while undermining this logic with mistakes, randomness, imperfection, and messyness. The artist uses a 4×5-inch view camera, which allows for a film plane large enough to be manipulated by hand. She makes use of hand-cut paper screens to disrupt or transform the photographic process, defying the integrity of the technical image. Deploying these screens at various points in the process of exposing film, she at times shoots through them for one or multiple exposures and, at other times, uses them to leak light directly onto the film.

You can read the Los Angeles Times review by Leah Ollman here.


Blue Paper, 2014


Winter Landscapes, 2014


Limonene, 2013


Latch, 2013


Untitled (Blue Shirt), 2013


Jean Lafitte 2, 2013


Limonene 15, 2013

By: Ghost