Christer Strömholm, one of the three Great Swedish Masters.

Christer Strömholm (July 22, 1918 – January 11, 2002)

-Being a photographer is like writing a diary, he said. “In Memory of Myself” he titulated one of his many books (and an exhibition).

Strömholm is known for his intimate black and white street photography portrait series and is  particularly known for his depictions of transsexuals in the Place Blanche area of the 1950’s Paris, published as Les amies de Place Blanche.

He ran Fotoskolan in Stockholm in the 1960-1970s where many great artists studied, among them Billie August and Anders Petersen.

in 1997 Strömholm received the Hasselblad Award described as “one of Scandinavia’s leading photographers, and the first post-war photographer to gain international renown”.



By: Tina Holth