Martin Adolfsson / Suburbia Gone Wild

Photographer Martin Adolfsson’s project, Suburbia Gone Wild, provides a fascinating window into one of the greatest structural changes of the 21st-century, the rise of the upper middle class in the developing world. Exploring the search for identity among this new strata of society, Adolfsson takes us where they live: the shiny, newly-developed suburbs surrounding the new economic centers of the world.


Chacara-das-Palmeiras-Imperiais, São-Paulo.


Millennium Park, Moscow, Russia.

Parkway Chalet, Bangkok, Thailand, 2006

Parkway Chalet, Bangkok, Thailand.


Whitefield, Bangalore, India.

Wonder, São Paulo, Brazil, 2011

Wonder, São Paulo, Brazil.

Kattameya Height, Cairo, Egypt 2009

Kattameya Height, Cairo, Egypt.

Mantri Espania Bangalore, India 2009

Mantri Espania, Bangalore, India.

St Andrews Manor, Shanghai, China, 2009

St. Andrews Manor, Shanghai, China.

By: Knut Bry