MELK is an artist run initiative for new Scandinavian photography. The aim for the initiative is to raise the awarness of fine-art photographers in the region – and the position of the contemporary scene.

MELK is found at Tøyen in Oslo. The space sports a 80 sqm projectsspace/gallery, shared studio facilities and storage space. The gallery houses four exhibitions a year and serves as a project space for the involved artists. The goal for the space is to create links between artists and audience, as well as a space for discussion, work and sharing of ideas.


Since the project was founded in 2009 the gallery space in central Oslo has hosted several solo exhibitions with artists such as Morten Andenæs, Emil Salto, Espen Dietrichson, Linn Pedersen, Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson and Mårten Lange, among others. The gallerists at MELK has also been invited to curate several major exhibitions at renowed art institutions in Norway. In addition, MELK has been active in promoting the involved artists in institusions and through fairs across Europe.


Emil Salto, Untitled Drama, 2012


Above and below / Current exhibition / October 4th – 26th:

Mårten Lange, Another Language, 2013

In Another Language, Mårten Lange examines the natural world and the sciences surrounded by it. By capturing flora, animals, and natural phenomena he creates a visual enigmatic and intimate world where the subjects are distanced from their environments; they appear as sculptures in frozen photographic moments.


MELK even stocks up selected titles from Antenne Books’ catalogue in addition to titles by artists the gallery works with. All books are displayed and can be both bought and groped at the MELK´s own bookstore online or in the actual gallery itself. In other words, a great gallery sprung from great initiative – the great minds of great artists.

Also, MELK is hosting a parisian photo party in collaboration with F–N (Fourteen–Nineteen) and Preston is my Paris at Jackets on November 16th. All are cordially invited at 20 Rue De Picardie, 75003, Paris.


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